Valencia Water Control District (originally Valencia Drainage District) was formed in 1970 under Chapters 298 and 72-291 of Florida Statute. A decree incorporating the Drainage District was issued by the Circuit Court of Orange County in May of 1970.
The District's Plan of Reclamation (also known as Water Management Plan) calls for a controlled storm run-off that will prevent erosion and flooding, minimize water pollution, and maintain groundwater tables for the benefit of the landowners. In order to achieve these goals, several miles of canals, bridges, control structures and other appurtenances have been constructed. The District will accept retention/detention ponds for maintenance in residential areas when constructed to District standards.
In 1972, the Board of Supervisors approved a bond issue in the amount of $3.5 million in order to construct the Plan of Reclamation. The bonds were retired on January 15, 1997.
The District is required to prepare an annual budget and establish a unit tax that will provide for the administration of the District affairs, and maintain existing facilities. The individual lot holder is assessed at the same rate as the landholder owning one acre of land. The tax is collected by the Orange County Tax Collector and is shown separately on the annual tax bills.
The District issues irrigation permits to homeowners requesting access to District waters for the purpose of yard sprinkling, issues construction permits for all development within the District, and monitors for compliance with permit conditions.
The District cooperates with developers, the state, and local agencies having common interests and jurisdiction. The District administers the election of the Board of Supervisors in June. Proxy ballots are mailed to all property owners of record and the ballots are tabulated in the District office.

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Valencia Water Control District
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